Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am so glad it is Friday! My body is slowing down - put, put, put. The house has been a buzz this week. Themed activities at Lily's school. Jammed packed week at work. Buck, too. And we have been moving full steam ahead with Sincerely. Paper samples came in today. My account is set up. I sketched out a series of potential designs. Samples are up on the blog.

The big news is that Lily is hooked on The Wizard of Oz. Anne and Mary Poppins are so yesterday! We are doing a lot of singing and "yellow-brick-roading-ing". Dorty and tu-tu are the new heroes at our house. So funny - she calls the movie "za-za". Sounds like Oz - sort of.

Swimming lessons start on Saturday - so no rest for the weary. But who would want it any other way!

Have a great weekend.

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Sam said...

Nice belly!!!!

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