Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's Go To The Movies

Heading out the door to go to Lily's first movie at the theatre, she was singing the song from Annie, "Let's go to the movies.....let's go see the stars!"

And, she was working up just how she would ask the concessionaire for blue popcorn.

Princess dress, shoes and crown on, we went to see The Princess & The Frog. Real theatre. Real popcorn and snacks. Real seat in the dark.

And Lily loved it. Im not surprised. She is all about the experience!

The previews were ridiculously long. I thought we'd loose her. But she hung in, munching on the popcorn - trying to sneak a sip of Papa's Coke. Once the movie started she was hooked. Although she crawled into my lap right away, her eyes stayed fixed on the big screen. It was really precious.

On the way out - and the weeks since then - she tells everyone that we went to her first movie. "Hey, I went to my first movie....The Princess & The Frog. I want to go to another first movie!"

I will have to keep an eye out for another cute movie. Until then, she talks about the frog prince. Hope this doesn't spoil it, but the frog gets his princess! Just they kind of ending I like!

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