Saturday, January 9, 2010

Over, Under and Around

Yes,  I am bragging. I think.

I am not sure what a two-year-old should know and understand at this age. But I think this is pretty good stuff. 

Lily will say - I jump over the laundry. I walk around the spill. I crawl under the table. The box is on top of the car. Up. Down. Left and right. And, she gets it right.

She also understands the concept of time. Gone are the days when I can put her down for a nap early. She is quick to tell me...."mom, its too soon for a nap." 

Plan spoiled!

She is such a little smarty pants....makes a momma proud. Also makes a momma think a lot harder when I have to trick her in to something!

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Anonymous said...

OMG...would you just look at that adorable outfit. She's growing up too fast..the little smarty pants!
Lv u all...Aunt C

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