Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still Catching Up For 2009


What a few weeks. It has been a holiday marathon from Thanksgiving until New Years. Every memory a blessing, but it always feels good to get back in to a normal rhythm.

It goes without saying that this holiday was super special. Lily was a trip! A hoot! A blast! 

She was in to everything - Santa, lights, the Christmas tree, Rudolph, baking, wrapping paper and bows. I was totally amazed a how fully she understood Christmas. With the help of an advent calendar she even started to grasp the true meaning behind the the holiday - the birth of Jesus. 

We had a wonderful time celebrating with Mimi and Pappy during "early Christmas". And then with Grandma and Grandpa.We held on to many established traditions, like Santa and Pizza with Karen, Ava and Evan. And started new traditions like movies and games on New Years Eve.

But more than anything, we were blessed to have another holiday season together. We continue to grow stronger as a family, adding to our treasure chest of memories and blessings. This year we celebrated Lily's wide-eyed view of the world and looked ahead to Benjamin's arrival - making our family even more full and complete.

Here are just a few photos from the past month. I wish I could share every story behind the pictures! It was even better in person:)

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! Also love your new smile! see you soon Jane

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