Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink Bike And A Bubble Bath

It was a beautiful weekend here in St. Petersburg. We strolled downtown for lunch and spent some quality, and much needed, time around the house. I took a few videos of the kids doing what they do best - entertaining me. From bike riding to bath time, I wish I had every second on film! Time is moving too fast. I adore these children and the happiness they bring me!

I posted a little clip of Ben snoozing, just because it doesn't get much sweeter than a sleeping baby! (note - he passed out in Lily's bed.....don't panic, we did not pass down pink blankets and pillows.)

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Jenny Rhodes said...

I love these little ones!!! There parents have done an excellent job!!! Lily has blossomed into such a smart energetic and happy girl. Ben is our GOD BABY and we are blessed. He is so handsome, calm, and sweet. I love seeing this cool blog that Marcey does an excellent job on. ESPECIALLY since I can follow the journey of Ben & Lily!!! We love you, The Rhodes

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