Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There She Goes

Lily started "big girl" gymnastics this week. It was bitter sweet watching her walk through the doors into the huge gymnasium. She only looked back once and then she was off to join her class. So it has happened. I am now on the other side of the glass wall. I am waiting with the other moms, and she is twirling away - possibly on her way to find a lifelong passion. 

Being a part of these moments makes me so happy - down to my core. But at night, when she is dreary and almost asleep, I just want to kiss her from head to toe and inhale the sweetness that is her youth and innocence. She is perfection. Soft curls. Soft skin. Legs that dont fit in my lap anymore. Arms that drape off the rocking chair when I hold her. 

I wouldn't stop her from growing up if I could. But I do indulge when she falls asleep and kiss her from head to toe. I like to think she sleeps just a little better with mamma's love sprinkled all over her!

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Anonymous said...

A story for all daughters from their moms!

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