Saturday, May 22, 2010


Our morning routine goes something like this:

Ben wakes up mommy way too early.
Mommy feeds Ben, then drinks cup #1 of coffee.
Mommy puts Ben back down and gets dressed - really fast.
Mommy and Ben go upstairs and wake up Lily by singing obnoxious morning songs. It makes her crazy (but she loves it).
Mommy gets Ben dressed. Then he starts to cry.
Lily runs around house. Mommy threatens time out 100 times. Finally, Lily is dressed. 
Lily tries to soothe her brother - usually by cramming a pacifier in to his mouth.
Mom ignores all this and tries to pick out a pair of shoes.
We all brush teeth. Why, because I still have another cup of coffee to drink!
Quick breakfast. A few minutes of Nick Jr.
Then we all load up. Down the stairs we go. Please no one trip.
Set alarm. Never enough time to get me and two kids out the door in 30 seconds!
Crap, Izzy ran out the door. 
Do over. Set alarm again.
Two kids in to car seats. 
Damn, Ben is heavy.
Mom cursing to herself because it is way too hot.
Key in ignition.
AC kickin.
Radio on.
Morning prayers.
Put lipstick on.
Don't run into crazy drivers going the wrong way on the one-way street.
Drop kids off at school. Im sure I forgot something.
Mom back in car. 
Drive to parking garage. Park on a lower level than I should hoping I dont get in trouble.
Hustle into office.
Hmmmm- a few minutes late.
Grab co-worker and wallet -- off to get third and final cup of coffee.
Seriously? How did I get so many emails over night?

I love weekends.

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