Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marcey Stone, Out.

Today I will go to my office for the last time. I've dragged this moment out to the very last moment possible because I just don't know how I will really say goodbye. My work - the intangible and tangible of it all - is like a part of me, and extension of who I am. I have walked into the same door, sat in the same chair, pounded away on the same computer for nearly 11 years. I am as comfortable there as I am anywhere. I know the sounds, smells, faces - the back roads, if you will, to get just about anything done. It's a huge part of my story.

Bayfront has been a place of achievement and failure for me. Success and frustration. Awards. Mistakes. Growth and Opportunity. Hallway chit-chat. Closed door meetings. Planning, executing, measuring, perfecting, managing, budgeting, reporting, writing, editing....too many "ings" to list them all! On the good days and bad, this place provided me opportunities to hone my talents and ultimately move on to the next big challenge. For that I am grateful.

Beyond the work that had to be done, there are the people and the memories that will live on in my heart. At last count, twenty people have come and gone in our department during my tenure. Five advertising agencies and countless partners and vendors. They will be part of my virtual scrapbook forever. They were the first to see my engagement ring, wedding photos, sonogram images and to hold my babies. They overheard good news and arguments. They watched me diet and run, only to pig-out on junk food and snacks from the physician's lounge. We've shared many salads from the cafeteria and TMI has been discussed around the round table. Lessons shared on everything from relationships to parenting, fashion, movies, dreams, regrets, the future, the past - and everything in between! I learned the life boils down to one golden rule - "Don't ever do his laundry!"

So in my "Ode to Bayfront" I want to say thank you for helping me to become a successful communicator and the kind of manager I hoped I would be. Thank you for teaching me every discipline in our field - from strategy to creative executions, I've had the chance to do it all. And, thank you for providing me a wonderful collection of people over the years who delivered great work, passion, commitment, professional pride -- and above all else acted excited every time I shared a story about my children! You are my "teal"! Teal is the deal, baby!

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