Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Family Tree

Here it is - the Stone family tree. I love it. Thank you to everyone who has gifted us with beautiful ornaments over the years. One by one, I unwrap them and think of you every Christmas. You know I love the glittery Waterford and C. Radkos. And our growing collection of mercury glass fits right in. I have some ornametns handmade by my great grandmother. Several that were mine when I was a child. Many that Buck collected pre-me. A few are gifts from wedding showers. And, a handful that we recently brought back from Wyoming.

The thing about a Christmas tree is that it really becomes a reflection of your journey, the things you love, the people you love. It tells a little story. Our family tree is evolving with several Lily additions.....sweet baby mementos, first shoes and artwork made especially for us.

In a couple of weeks I will box it up again. Putting away each special little memory. And, again I will think of you and the place you keep in our growing, changing family tree.

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Anonymous said...

I spotted one of JOJO's handmade ornaments.

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