Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Excuse to Post Old Pics

We have three cameras - and can you believe it, all three are out of commission! They all need repair! And, I am sick over it because every day has presented perfect photo op moments. Like when Lily wore pig tails to school yesterday and sported her first pair of Nikes! And she has a new bedtime ritual worth documenting - it includes her new bud "monk", a stuffed monkey, and a star-making toy that sprays a galaxy of starts across her ceiling every night. And, of course I should have a zillion photos of her and the Christmas tree and all the fun decorations.

However, the silver lining is that I found a couple of "oldie but goodie" pictures to post just to make me smile, while all of the technology we own is being poked and prodded and hopefully repaired:)


Anonymous said...

Lily before curls!

Anonymous said...

Just look at these pictures, no wonder she won the cutest baby picture contest!! Wonderful memories.

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